Technical Program

KT-1 - Keynote Talk
Monday, April 3, 10:00-11:30 Room 1
Session Chair: Koo-Hyun Chung (University of Ulsan, Korea)
Tae Ho Kim (Kookmin University, Korea)
KT-1-1  P00117
(10:00 ~ 10:45)
[Keynote] Current researches and future development trend of tribology coating films : Focused on PVD coating processes
Jongkuk Kim and Young-Jun Jang* (Korea Institute of Materials Science (KIMS))
KT-1-2  P00036
(10:45 ~ 11:30)
[Keynote] Holistic Tribology - a significant lever to reduce CO2 emissions and reach a sustainable ecosystem
Tim Hosenfeldt* (Schaeffler AG)

KT-2 - Keynote Talk
Tuesday, April 4, 10:00-11:30 Room 1
Session Chair: Sunghan Kim (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Keun Ryu (Hanyang University, Korea)
KT-2-1  P00154
(10:00 ~ 10:45)
[Keynote] Synergy in CMP
Hong Liang* (Texas A&M University)
KT-2-2  P00019
(10:45 ~ 11:30)
[Keynote] Role of Tribology for EV Drive Units
Hun June Kim* (General Motors)

M11 - Tribology of Manufacturing Processes 1
Monday, April 3, 13:00-14:30 Room A
Session Chair: Kwang-Seop Kim (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea)
Seunghun Baek (Pusan National University, Korea)
M11-1  P00031
(13:00 ~ 13:30)
[Invited] Dynamic Carbon Seals for the Aircraft and Aerospace Industries
Mihai Arghir* (Universite de Poitiers)
M11-2  P00035
(13:30 ~ 13:45)
Tribological behaviour of 22MnB5 with controlling oxide scale under various load conditions in hot stamping
Min-Ki Ji (Incheon National University), Hyunsung Son (POSCO), Tea-Sung Jun* (Incheon National University)
M11-3  P00071
(13:45 ~ 14:00)
High-temperature erosion behavior of Pre-oxidized High Manganese Nitrogen stabilized Austenitic Stainless Steel (18Cr-21Mn-0.65N-Fe)
Ankitendran Mishra (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Sharvan Kumar* (Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi), Eui Sung Yoon (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
M11-4  P00109
(14:00 ~ 14:15)
Roll based transfer of mini-LEDs for display back-light unit (BLU)
Min-Ah Yoon (Center for Advanced Meta-Materials (CAMM)), Chan Kim and Jae-Hyun Kim (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM)), Hak-Joo Lee (Center for Advanced Meta-Materials (CAMM)), Kwang-Seop Kim* (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM))
M11-5  P00115
(14:15 ~ 14:30)
Effect of Water Content in Cutting Oil on Tribological Performance
Wei-Lun Liu*, Jeng-Haur Horng, and Jin-Long Lin (National Formosa University)

M12 - Fundamentals of Friction and Wear 1
Monday, April 3, 13:00-14:30 Room B
Session Chair: Hyun-Joon Kim (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
Mohammadmahdi Davoudi (Yonsei university, Korea)
M12-1  P00151
(13:00 ~ 13:30)
[Invited] Mechanical Probing of Surfaces: AFM to Deep Penetration
M S Bobji* (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
M12-2  P00040
(13:30 ~ 13:45)
Effects of Lubricant Viscosity on Fatigue Damage under Pure Rolling Contact Condition
Ryotaro Ohashi (Tokyo University of Science), Atsuta Harada, Yuji Yuhara, and Kaisei Sato (Graduate School of Tokyo University of Science), Shinya Sasaki* (Tokyo University of Science)
M12-3  P00069
(13:45 ~ 14:00)
Phase-Dependent Friction of Exfoliated Transition Metal Dichalcogenides Atomic Layers
Dooho Lee and Jeong Young Park* (KAIST)
M12-4  P00099
(14:00 ~ 14:15)
Adsorption-induced Transient Friction of Hydrogels
Jiho Kim* and Kwangmo Yang (Hongik University), Jiho Choi (Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST))
M12-5  P00133
(14:15 ~ 14:30)
Characterization of Friction between Bolts and Coated Steel Plates
Seounghee Yun and Sukkyung Kang (KAIST), Hyena Hwang (Hyundai Motor Company), Sanha Kim* (KAIST)

M13 - Lubrication
Monday, April 3, 13:00-14:30 Room C
Session Chair: Hae-Jin Kim (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)
Hitoshi Washizu (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
M13-1  P00098
(13:00 ~ 13:30)
[Invited] Polymer Tribology - The Role of Transfer Film and Material Transfer Behavior
Minhaeng Cho* (Chung-Ang University)
M13-2  P00018
(13:30 ~ 13:45)
Investigation of the Partially Filled Lubricated Contact System using a NURBS-based model
Yan Tong, Michael Müller*, and Georg-Peter Ostermeyer (Institute of Dynamics and Vibrations, Technical University of Braunschweig)
M13-3  P00051
(13:45 ~ 14:00)
Tribological and Tribochemical Characteristics of Metal-Incorporated DLC Coatings under Boundary Lubrication Conditions
Su-Min BAE (The University of Tokyo), Shoko Horibata and Yuma Miyauchi (Mazda Motor Corporation), Junho Choi* (The University of Tokyo)
M13-4  P00143
(14:00 ~ 14:15)
Molecular Simulations of Self-Assembled Structures in Oil Environment
Hitoshi Washizu*, Kyosuke Kawakita, Tomoya Hasegawa, Riku Araki, Tomohito Horio, Nhu Minh Tue Le, Yoshiki Ishii, Ryuichi Okamoto, and Kosar Khajeh (University of Hyogo), Natsuko Sugimura (National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College)
M13-5  P00118
(14:15 ~ 14:30)
Improvement of Lubricating Properties of Bio-Hydrogenated Diesel using Fatty Acid Methyl Esters
Sarunporn Sriprathum*, Atthaphon Maneedaeng, Niti Klinkaew, and Ekarong Sukjit (Suranaree University of Technology)

M21 - Contact Mechanics 1
Monday, April 3, 16:30-18:00 Room A
Session Chair: Ilkwang Jang (Yonsei university, Korea)
Jian Song (Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Germany)
M21-1  P00027
(16:30 ~ 17:00)
[Invited] Sensors for In-Situ Measurement of Tribological Contacts
Robert Dwyer-Joyce* (University of Sheffield)
M21-2  P00102
(17:00 ~ 17:15)
Analysis of a Crack emanating from a Sharp Contact Edge subject to Fretting Fatigue Condition
Hyung-Kyu Kim* (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
M21-3  P00122
(17:15 ~ 17:30)
Role of crosslinking density and water content on friction and fracture characteristic of a tissue-mimicking hydrogel during needle insertion
MUTHUKUMAR MARIAPPAN* (Indian Institute of Science)
M21-4  P00081
(17:30 ~ 17:45)
A Computational Study of Adhesion and Deformation of Elastic bodies in Contact using Body-force formulation
Uzair Iqbal* (Indian Institute of Science)
M21-5  P00043
(17:45 ~ 18:00)
Contact Analysis of Rough Surfaces Using Deep Learning
Ilkwang Jang (Yonsei university), Yong Hoon Jang* (Yonsei University), Kisung Kim (Yonsei university)

M22 - Fundamentals of Friction and Wear 2
Monday, April 3, 16:30-18:00 Room B
Session Chair: Kyungjun Lee (Gachon University, Korea)
Pramod Bhingole (Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management, India)
M22-1  P00150
(16:30 ~ 17:00)
[Invited] Mechanical and Tribological behavior of PEEK-based composites at cryogenic temperature
Nazanin Emami* (Luleå University of Technology)
M22-2  P00014
(17:00 ~ 17:15)
Effects of Bi addition on the tribological performance of Mg-Zn-Ca foam
Dhaval N Makwana and Pramod P. Bhingole* (IITRAM , Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380026)
M22-3  P00028
(17:15 ~ 17:30)
A Contribution to the Determination of the Appropriate Capturing Resolution of Surface Textures in relation to Pavement Friction
Malal KANE* (Université Gustave Eiffel)
M22-4  P00032
(17:30 ~ 17:45)
Electrical Contact Resistance under Cyclic Force-Controlled Modes
Hyeonggeun Jo, Ilkwang Jang, and Yong Hoon Jang* (Yonsei University)
M22-5  P00009
(17:45 ~ 18:00)
Influence of tribological parameters on as-cast T4 treated and aged AZ61 Magnesium Alloy
Manan Haren Shah, Dhaval Makwana, and Pramod P. Bhingole* (IITRAM , Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380026)

M23 - Bearing 1
Monday, April 3, 16:30-18:00 Room C
Session Chair: Keun Ryu (Hanyang University, Korea)
Benyebka Bou-Said (Universite de Lyon, France)
M23-1  P00137
(16:30 ~ 17:00)
[Invited] Imbalance Responses of a Rotor Supported on Beam-Type Gas Foil Journal Bearings
Tae Ho Kim* (Kookmin University), Kwon Jong Jeong and Sung Ho Hwang (Graduate School, Kookmin University)
M23-2  P00125
(17:00 ~ 17:15)
Modeling and Load-carrying Characteristics of Bump-type Gas Foil Thrust Bearings
Zhenni Xu and Jianjun Du* (Harbin Institute of Technology,Shenzhen)
M23-3  P00128
(17:15 ~ 17:30)
The tribo-dynamics performances of water-lubricated rubber stern bearings considering shock loads during start-up process
Bo Zhao (Sun Yat-sen University & Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory Zhuhai), Chao Liu (Ocean University of China), Lingji Xu and Tao Liu (Sun Yat-sen University & Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory Zhuhai), Shijun Wang* (Ocean University of China)
M23-4  P00132
(17:30 ~ 17:45)
Influence of Loading direction on the performance characteristics of Four pocket Conical hybrid journal bearing with Piezo-Polar lubrication
Vishal Singh* and Arvind K. Rajput (Indian institute of technology, Jammu)
M23-5  P00110
(17:45 ~ 18:00)
Prediction of Tilting Pad Journal Bearing Performance in terms of  Preload Change
Junho Suh* (Pusan National University)

T11 - Contact Mechanics 2
Tuesday, April 4, 13:00-14:30 Room A
Session Chair: Min-Ah Yoon (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea)
Ankitendra Mishra (Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)
T11-1  P00012
(13:00 ~ 13:30)
[Invited] Experimental evidence on multi-asperity contact behaviourof engineering surfaces with sub-micron scale analyses
Mitjan Kalin* (University of Ljubljana)
T11-2  P00056
(13:30 ~ 13:45)
A numerical analysis of energy dissipation in conformal contact with geometric nonlinearity
Sumin Baek and Seunghun Baek* (Pusan National University)
T11-3  P00059
(13:45 ~ 14:00)
Frictional Contact Behavior and Fretting Fatigue on Gas Turbine Dovetail subjected to Cyclic loading
Ki Hyun Cho and Yong Hoon Jang* (Yonsei University)
T11-4  P00066
(14:00 ~ 14:15)
Frictional contact of magneto-electro-elastic material under magneto-electro-mechanical loads
yijin Sui, Wenzhong Wang*, and Haibo Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology)
T11-5  P00153
(14:15 ~ 14:30)
Influence of surface roughness and force on real contact area 
Abhay Shukla and Jian Song* (TH OWL / Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

T12 - Tribology Applications 1
Tuesday, April 4, 13:00-14:30 Room B
Session Chair: Young-Jun Jang (Korea Institute of Materials Science, Korea)
Jean Bouyer (CNRS - Pprime Institute, France)
T12-1  P00029
(13:00 ~ 13:30)
[Invited] Biomimetics for Improving Tribological Properties
Shinya SASAKI* (Tokyo University of Science)
T12-2  P00124
(13:30 ~ 13:45)
Manipulation of particle and cells using acoustofluidics
Hyungsuk Lee* (Yonsei University)
T12-3  P00007
(13:45 ~ 14:00)
An Investigation of Mechanical Stimuli at the Origin of Texture Tactile Perception
Francesco MASSI* (University of Rome La Sapienza), Livia Felicetti (University of Rome La Sapienza - Univ Lyon, INSA-Lyon), Eric Chatelet (Univ Lyon, INSA-Lyon, CNRS UMR5259, LaMCoS, F-69621, France), Chloé Sutter, Jean Blouin, and Laurence Mouchnino (Aix Marseille Université, CNRS, Institut Universitaire de France, Marseille)
T12-4  P00017
(14:00 ~ 14:15)
Measurement and Characterization of Radial Shaft Seal Followability at Low Temperatures
Tim Schollmayer* (RPTU University Kaiserslautern-Landau), Stefan Thielen and Oliver Koch (RPTU Kaiserslautern)
T12-5  P00058
(14:15 ~ 14:30)
Modelling and experimental analysis of PTFE semi-static seals
Maxime Lang* (PPRIME Institute/CNES/University of Poitiers), Yann Henry (PPRIME Institute/CNRS/ENSMA/University of Poitiers), Aurelian Fatu (PPRIME Institute/University of Poitiers/CNRS/ENSMA), Jérôme Dehouve and Benoit Tang (CNES, French Space Agency), Philippe Nomérange (ArianeGroup)

T13 - Bearing 2
Tuesday, April 4, 13:00-14:30 Room C
Session Chair: Sung-Ho Hong (Dongguk University, Korea)
Bo Zhao (Sun Yat-sen University, China)
T13-1  P00155
(13:00 ~ 13:30)
[Invited] Bearings for Future Propulsion and Power Systems:Challenges and Opportunities
Keun Ryu* (Hanyang University)
T13-2  P00005
(13:30 ~ 13:45)
Towards ecological alternatives in bearing lubrication 
Benyebka Bou-Saïd* (LaMCoS INSA de Lyon)
T13-3  P00076
(13:45 ~ 14:00)
Theoretical and Experimental Study on the Frictional Hysteresis Characteristics of the Gas Foil Bearing with Multiple Sliding Beams
Changlin Li and Jianjun Du* (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen)
T13-4  P00088
(14:00 ~ 14:15)
 Analysis of two lobe hydrodynamic journal textured bearing using Physics-informed neural networks
Saurabh Kumar Yadav* (IITRAM), Gannath D. Thakre (Indian Institute of Petroleum Dehradun-248001, India, E-mail:, Chandra B. Khatri (Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management, Lucknow), Arvind Kumar Rajput (Indian Institute of Technology Jammu)
T13-5  P00100
(14:15 ~ 14:30)
Effects of External Pressurization on the Static Performance of a Gas Foil Thrust Bearing
Sung Ho Hwang and Tae Ho Kim* (Kookmin University)

T21 - [Special SessionⅠ] Developement of Bearing for EV
Tuesday, April 4, 15:00-16:45 Room A
Session Chair: Seungpyo Lee (ILJIN Global, Korea)
T21-1  P00106
(15:00 ~ 15:15)
Development of the Load Spectrum of the Wheel hub Bearings for Commercial Vehicles
Yoonkwon Lee and Kiju Lee (Jeonbuk Institute of Automotive Convergence Technology), Kiweon Kang (Kunsan National University), Seungpyo Lee* (ILJIN Global)
T21-2  P00042
(15:15 ~ 15:30)
Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication Analyses and Experiments for Elliptical Contact
Han-Saem Jung and Sang-Shin Park* (Yeungnam University), Chae-Ryeong Jo (Iljin Co. Ltd.)
T21-3  P00095
(15:30 ~ 15:45)
A study of Sphericity of Silicon Nitride Ceramic Blank Ball by Slurry Formulation and Granular Processing Conditions
Jihye Gim*, Sangha Park, Donguk Kim, and Hojin Lee (DAEGU MECHATRONIS&MATERIALS INSTITUTE)
T21-4  P00103
(15:45 ~ 16:00)
The Failure Mode Study of Rolling Elements caused by Electric Discharge Machining
Jungsoo Park and Seungpyo Lee* (ILJIN)
T21-5  P00113
(16:00 ~ 16:15)
A Study of Electrochemical Characteristics of SUJ2 in NaCl Solution at Elevated Temperature
Dongok Kim* (Korea Automotive Technology Institute)
T21-6  P00126
(16:15 ~ 16:30)
Wear behavior at room and high temperature of Al2O3 ceramic layer manufactured by laser cladding and thermal spray
Sumin Song, Andrew Choi, Taebum Kim, Yeonghwan Song, and Kyuntaek Cho* (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH))
T21-7  P00141
(16:30 ~ 16:45)
Analysis of techniques according to the finite element-based implementation for tapered roller wheel bearings
Young-Bin Hyun, Yun-Jung Jang, and Ki-Weon Kang* (KUNSAN NATIONAL UNIVERCITY)

T22 - Coatings and Thin Films
Tuesday, April 4, 15:00-16:30 Room B
Session Chair: Songkil Kim (Pusan National University, Korea)
T22-1  P00127
(15:00 ~ 15:15)
Tribological Characteristics of Grain Boundary-containing Graphene/h-BN Heterostructure Films: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Bo Zhao (Sun Yat-sen University & Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory Zhuhai), Yiran Li (ocean university of china), Lingji Xu and Tao Liu (Sun Yat-sen University & Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Laboratory Zhuhai), Longfei Qiao and Yutao Zhang* (ocean university of china)
T22-2  P00045
(15:15 ~ 15:30)
Improved wear imbalance with nanocomposite Mo-N-Cu-tetrahedral amorphous carbon (ta-C) coating
Young-Jun Jang*, Won-Seok Kim, and Jongkuk Kim (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
T22-3  P00063
(15:30 ~ 15:45)
Is Pristine Graphene Really Applicable as Solid Lubricants?
Mingi Choi, Songkil Kim*, and Won-Seok Kim (Pusan national university), Young-Jun Jang (Korea Institute of Materials Science)
T22-4  P00068
(15:45 ~ 16:00)
Tribological Properties of Flexible Polymeric Materials
YouJin Min and Dae-Eun Kim* (Yonsei University)
T22-5  P00083
(16:00 ~ 16:15)
Investigation of Pitting Fatigue Properties on Diamond-like Carbon films under Pure Rolling Contacts
Kenya Nakayama (Tokyo University of Science), Sho Watanabe, Atsuta Harada, and Kaisei Sato (Graduate School of Tokyo University of Science), Shinya Sasaki* (Tokyo University of Science)
T22-6  P00140
(16:15 ~ 16:30)
Precursor phenomenon of tribofilm formation in DLC-zirconia sliding under alcohol gas environment
Ryuichi Okamoto, Hirotoshi Akiyama, Rio Nakae, Yosuke Hamano, and Hitoshi Washizu* (University of Hyogo)

T23 - Bearing 3
Tuesday, April 4, 15:00-16:45 Room C
Session Chair: Junho Suh (Pusan National University, Korea)
Zhenni Xu (Harbin Institute of Technology, China)
T23-1  P00008
(15:00 ~ 15:15)
Application of optimized bionic texture on the two lobe Hydrodynamic Journal bearing 
Saurabh Kumar Yadav* (IITRAM), Gannath D. Thakre (Indian Institute of Petroleum), Chandra B. Khatri (Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management), Arvind Rajput (Indian Institute of Technology Jammu)
T23-2  P00039
(15:15 ~ 15:30)
Operating characteristics of cylindrical roller bearings within form deviated bearing seats
Oliver Koch* and Onur Atalay (RPTU University Kaiserslautern-Landau)
T23-3  P00061
(15:30 ~ 15:45)
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Evolution of Oil Transport and Distribution in a Ball Bearing
Hongbai Chen, Wenzhong Wang*, and He Liang (Beijing Institute of Technology)
T23-4  P00072
(15:45 ~ 16:00)
Tribological Approach to Correlation of Defective Surface with Acoustic Signal of Ball Bearings used in LNG Emergency Pump
Yeongdo Lee (Korea Institute of Science and Technology), Wonil Kwak and Yongbok Lee* (korea institue of science and technology)
T23-5  P00149
(16:00 ~ 16:15)
Nonlinear Dynamics of an Accelerating Rotor Supported on Self-acting Air Journal Bearings
Manas Ranjan Pattnayak*, Jayanta Kumar Dutt, and Raj Kumar Pandey (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi)
T23-6  P00156
(16:15 ~ 16:30)
On the Pneumatic Hammer Instability of a Cryogenic Hydrostatic Journal Bearings: Test Results with Liquid Nitrogen
Keun Ryu* and Hyunsung Jung (Hanyang University)
T23-7  P00157
(16:30 ~ 16:45)
Predictions of Dynamic Load Characteristics of Hydrostatic Thrust Bearings 
Keun Ryu* and Homin Lim (Hanyang University)

W11 - Tribology Applications 2
Wednesday, April 5, 09:00-10:15 Room A
Session Chair: Auezhan Amanov (Sun Moon University, Korea)
W11-1  P00044
(09:00 ~ 09:15)
Optimization of Ultrasonic Nanocrystal Surface Modification Treatment Parameters toward Improved Tribological Properties of Al7075-T6 Alloy
Auezhan Amanov* and Young-Sik Pyun (Sun Moon University)
W11-2  P00037
(09:15 ~ 09:30)
Friction Performance of New and Worn Shoe Outsoles on Slippery Floorings in Hospitals
Shubham Gupta, Subhodip Chatterjee, and Arnab Chanda* (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi)
W11-3  P00038
(09:30 ~ 09:45)
Development of a Novel Testing Framework to assess Barefoot Slipping Risks in Bathrooms
Subhodip Chatterjee, Shubham Gupta, and Arnab Chanda* (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi)
W11-4  P00116
(09:45 ~ 10:00)
Prediction Method of Acid Number of Lubricating Oil Based on Partial Least Squares Regression Model 
FANHAO ZHOU, KUN YANG*, and DAYANG LI (Wuhan University of Technology)
W11-5  P00131
(10:00 ~ 10:15)
High-accuracy 3D Optical Sensing for High-reflectivity Surface
Jae-Sang Hyun* (Yonsei University)

W12 - Lubricants, Additives, and Tribo-chemistry
Wednesday, April 5, 09:00-10:15 Room B
Session Chair: Dae-Hyun Cho (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)
W12-1  P00130
(09:00 ~ 09:15)
The influence of the Contents of lithium-based greases on impact-sliding wear
W12-2  P00080
(09:15 ~ 09:30)
Effects of compression/shear stresses on the growth process of ZDDP tribo-chemical reaction film at a single asperity
Kaisei Sato* and Shinya Sasaki (Tokyo University of Science)
W12-3  P00085
(09:30 ~ 09:45)
Lubricating performances of cyano-based ionic liquids as lubricant additives for non-polar base oil
Shouhei KAWADA* (Kansai University), Masaaki MIYATAKE and Shinya SASAKI (Tokyo University of Science)
W12-4  P00086
(09:45 ~ 10:00)
Friction and Braking Properties of Copper-Based Brake Pads for High Speed Railway Trains Under Extreme Severe Conditions 
Lin Zhang*, Peng Zhang, and Xuanhui Qu (University of science and technology Beijing)
W12-5  P00119
(10:00 ~ 10:15)
Linear Reciprocating Sliding Test for AISI 304 Steel Tribo-Pair in Hexagonal Boron Nitride Aqueous Dispersion
Gowtham Balasubramaniam and Dae-Hyun Cho* (Gyeongsang National University)

W13 - Bearing 4
Wednesday, April 5, 09:00-10:15 Room C
Session Chair: Hyun-Duck Kwak (Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Korea)
Oliver Koch (University of Kaiserslautern Landau, Germany)
W13-1  P00070
(09:00 ~ 09:15)
Thermohydrodynamic Analysis of Gas Foil Bearings: Numerical Predictions and Experimental Investigations
Xuewei Zhao (Harbin Institute of Technology), Jianjun Du* (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen)
W13-2  P00006
(09:15 ~ 09:30)
Effect of Steel Backing Material on Performance of a Ferrofluid Based Bi-Layer Journal Bearing
Nimeshchandra Sumanbhai Patel* (Dharamsinh Desai University, Nadiad), Dipak P. Vakharia (Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat)
W13-3  P00094
(09:30 ~ 09:45)
Measurements of the Static Performance of a Plain Journal Bearing: Influence of Oil Flow Rate
Hyun Woo Cho (Kookmin university), Tae Ho Kim* (Kookmin unversity)
W13-4  P00158
(09:45 ~ 10:00)
Effect of Recess Configurations on the Static Load Performance of a Hydrostatic Journal Bearing 
Keun Ryu* and Jihan Kim (Hanyang University)
W13-5  P00159
(10:00 ~ 10:15)
Test Rig Development for Static Load Performance Measurements of a Hydrostatic Thrust Bearing 
Keun Ryu* and Yeseul Kim (Hanyang University)

W14 - [Special Session II] Machine Elements Design
Wednesday, April 5, 09:00-09:45 Room D
Session Chair: Donghyun Lee (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, Korea)
W14-1  P00163
(09:00 ~ 09:15)
Worm Gear Tooth Surface Generation using Common Rack Theory
Junho Suh* (Pusan National University), Bora Lee (Busan National University)
W14-2  P00164
(09:15 ~ 09:30)
Noise Analysis using a Deterministic Approach for Surface Roughness
Bora Lee (Busan National University), Taewan Kim and Young-Hee Choi (Pukyong National University), Yonghun Yu (Korea Railroad Research Institute), Junho Suh* (Pusan National University)
W14-3  P00162
(09:30 ~ 09:45)
A Study on the Selection of Oil Seals for Leak Reduction - Focusing on the Case of Rotary Joints for Large Rotating Structure
Jisang Park* (KOREA JIG & FIXTURE), Sujin Baek (KOREA JIG & FIXTURE (KJF))

W21 - Tribology of Manufacturing Processes 2
Wednesday, April 5, 10:30-11:30 Room A
Session Chair: Jiho Kim (Hongik University, Korea)
W21-1  P00067
(10:30 ~ 10:45)
A molecular dynamics study on mixing behavior of Ti-Al interface during ultrasonic welding process and welding strength
Keonwook Kang* (Yonsei University)
W21-2  P00087
(10:45 ~ 11:00)
Micro-Structured Pads for Chemical-Mechanical Polishing Fabricated by Photopolymerization Additive Manufacturing
Dong Geun Kim and Sanha Kim* (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
W21-3  P00108
(11:00 ~ 11:15)
Self-pressure regulating CMP process for hybrid Cu/polymer bonding
Sukkyung Kang, Juseong Park, Kyung Min Kim, and Sanha Kim* (KAIST)
W21-4  P00121
(11:15 ~ 11:30)
Fracture and Wear Behavior of Hard-on-Soft Bi-layered Polyurethane Surfaces
Hyun Jun Ryu (KAIST), Ji-hun Jeong (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Sukkyung Kang, Youn Sik Eom, and Sanha Kim* (KAIST)

W22 - Tribology Application 3
Wednesday, April 5, 10:30-11:45 Room B
Session Chair: Minhaeng Cho (Chung-Ang University, Korea)
Lin Zhang (University of Science and Technology Beijing, China)
W22-1  P00010
(10:30 ~ 10:45)
Tribo-dynamics modeling and analysis of key friction pairs in scroll compressor with floating fixed scroll design
Shuai Cheng* (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
W22-2  P00041
(10:45 ~ 11:00)
Effect of laser texturing bulges on tribological properties of 316L stainless steel 
Jia Dan*, Haitao Duan, and Wenxuan Li (Wuhan Research Institute of Materials Protection)
W22-3  P00139
(11:00 ~ 11:15)
Productivity Improvement of Loom Shed by Optimizing frictional heat
Abdurasul Pirnazarov*, Muzaffar Muhitdinov, and Ulugbek Pirnazarov (Namangan Institute of Engineering and Technology)
W22-4  P00055
(11:15 ~ 11:30)
Vibration analysis of pipe system with friction support
Seunghun Baek* (Pusan National Univ.)
W22-5  P00048
(11:30 ~ 11:45)
Frictional Contact Behaviors on the Abutment of Conical Internal Connection Dental Implants under Cyclic Loading
Yongwoo Lee and Yong Hoon Jang* (Yonsei University)

W23 - Green Tribology& Nano Tribology
Wednesday, April 5, 10:30-11:30 Room C
Session Chair: Chang-Lae Kim (Chosun University, Korea)
W23-1  P00013
(10:30 ~ 10:45)
Effect of reinforcement particle size on microstructure and tribological properties of Al based composite 
Anil Kumar Chaubey* (CSIR-Institute of Minerals Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneswar)
W23-2  P00025
(10:45 ~ 11:00)
A study on friction and wear of micro patterns fabricated on DLC thin film using photolithography process
TAE-HWAN JANG, Tae-Gyu Kim*, and Jin-Hyeok Park (Pusan National University), Bo-Ram Cho, Jong-Hyoung Kim, and Jae-Il Jeong (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology(KITECH))
W23-3  P00046
(11:00 ~ 11:15)
Analyzing Tribological Properties of Synthesized CuO Nanoballs as an Additive in Pure Oil Using Reciprocating Tribometer
Siraj Azam (Graduate School, Yeungnam University), Sang-Shin Park* (Yeungnam University)
W23-4  P00142
(11:15 ~ 11:30)
Green Tribology Concept into Practice: Bangladesh Introduced Renewable Energy
Md. Rubel Hossain* (The University of Comilla)

PS - Poster Session
Monday, April 3, 15:00-16:30 Convention Hall Lobby
Session Chair: Hyunseop Lee (Dong-A University, Korea)
Hyun-Joon Kim (Kyungpook National University, Korea)
PS-1  P00049
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Evaluation of gripping performance of microballs-embedded PDMS
Sung-Jun Lee and Chang-Lae Kim* (Chosun University)
PS-2  P00054
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Study on the Nanoscale Deformation of Multilayer Coating
Kuk-Jin Seo and Dae-Eun Kim* (Yonsei University)
PS-3  P00057
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Improved water lubrication characteristics by using silica nanoparticles supported on Si-DLC
Masataka Uchiyama and HIROYUKI KOUSAKA* (Gifu University), Natsuo Horiba (Sanyu Tokushu Seiko Co.)
PS-4  P00077
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Assessment of Friction and Wear Properties of Porous Polyimide Film
Seongsik Jeong and Hyeseon Jo (Gyeongsang National University), Hae-Jin Kim* (Yonsei University)
PS-5  P00078
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Lubrication of Low-dimensional Carbon-based Coatings
Hyeseon Jo and Seongsik Jeong (Gyeongsang National University), Hae-Jin Kim* (Yonsei University)
PS-6  P00084
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Investigation of Tribological Properties of Rotary Shaft Coating
Jiwon Choi (Yonsei University), Hee-Jang Rhee (Sealink Corp.), Dae-Eun Kim* (Yonsei University)
PS-7  P00097
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Tribomechanical properties of nanostructured TiAlCuN coatings deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering for spacecrafts
Stanislav V. Konstantinov*, Igor V. Chizhov, Fadei F. Komarov, and Valery A. Zaikov (A. N. Sevchenko Institute of Applied Physical Problems of Belarusian State University)
PS-8  P00144
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Inspection of Narrow-Spaced Heat Exchangers using Ultrasonic Waves and Deep Neural Networks
Azamatjon Kakhramon ugli Malikov and Jeongnam Kim (Pusan National University), Hyung-Kyu Kim (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute), Young H. Kim (Pusan National University), Younho Cho* (Pusan National Unoversity)
PS-9  P00011
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Study on The Formation and Characteristics of ZDDP Tribofilm Under Boundary Lubrication
Bugao Lyu and Xianghui Meng* (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
PS-10  P00050
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Dynamic behavior considering Lubrication characteristics of Rotary compressor with Hinge-joined vane and roller
Dongjun Kim (Graduate School, Yeugnam University), Sang-Shin Park* (Yeungnam University), Jaeyeol Lee (LG Electronics)
PS-11  P00052
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Dynamic Behaviors of a Reciprocating Compressor considering Oil Supply Twisting Grooves
Ukhyeon Kim (Yeunanm University), Sang-Shin Park* (Yeungnam University), Yeunghwan Kim (LG Electronics)
PS-12  P00062
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Formation and Removal of Varnish in Lubrication System
Eun Kyung Jang and Sung-Ho Hong* (Dongguk University)
PS-13  P00092
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Effect of Alternating Magnetic Field on Surface Friction and Wear Properties of Magnetorheological Fluid
Deyong Li, YeongJun Yu, and Chul-Hee Lee* (Inha University)
PS-14  P00129
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Parameter Study for Air-Lubricated Grooved Combined Bearing on Small Rotating Machinery
Yiming Yu, Changlin Li, and Jianjun Du* (School of mechanical engineering and automation, Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen)
PS-15  P00138
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Sealing Effects on Leakage Characteristics of Non-Contact Type Seals for Oil Mist Lubrication Systems
BYUNGCHUL NA* (Korea Automotive Technology Institute)
PS-16  P00145
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Study of potential of mean force for carbon-additive bonding with different number of chemical bonds on Diamond-like carbon surfaces.
Koshiro Torimoto* (University of Hyogo), Hirotoshi Akiyama (NIPPON GREASE Co.,Ltd.,University of Hyogo), Ryuichi Okamoto (University of Hyogo), Motoyuki Murashima (Tohoku University), Hitoshi Washizu (University of Hyogo)
PS-17  P00146
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Chain matching between organic additives and base oils using molecular dynamics simulation
Takehiro Kobayashi*, Ryuichi Okamoto, and Hitoshi Washizu (University of Hyogo)
PS-18  P00147
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Thermohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of a Parallel Thrust Bearing with Rectangular Dimples 
Jeong-Guk Kang and Tae-Jo Park* (Gyeongsang National University)
PS-19  P00148
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Effect of Nanolubricant on the Lubrication Performance of Parallel Slider Bearings
Jeong-Guk Kang and Tae-Jo Park* (Gyeongsang National University)
PS-20  P00065
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Study on the Friction and Wear Behavior of Additively Manufactured TiC-Fe based cermet under varying Load and Temperature 
Himanshu Singh Maurya*, Kristjan Juhani, Fjodor Sergejev, and Konda Gokuldoss Prashanth (Tallinn University of Technology)
PS-21  P00073
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Lubrication of Au(111) Surface by Condensed Water Molecules Investigated by Variable-Pressure AFM
Hunyoung Cho* (KAIST)
PS-22  P00091
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Using GA to Automate the Improvement of 1D CNN Architecture for Hydraulic Pump Fault Detection
Oybek Maripjon Ugli Eraliev, Kwang-Hee Lee, Sang Uk Choo, and Chul-Hee Lee* (Inha University)
PS-23  P00107
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Effect of coating hardness and thickness on friction in bolt fastening
Sukkyung Kang and Seounghee Yun (KAIST), Hyena Hwang (Hyundai Motor Company), Sanha Kim* (KAIST)
PS-24  P00112
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Effect of Contact Surface Angle on Stress Generation of an Inclined Surface
Mohammadmahdi Davoudi and Dae-Eun Kim* (Yonsei University)
PS-25  P00134
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Micro dimples created by laser texturing and their effect on the formation of PA66 transfer film in ball-on-disk sliding
Heekyoung Kim, Sanghoon Kim, Uijin Yun, and Minhaeng Cho* (Chung-Ang University)
PS-26  P00015
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Tribological performance of representative polymers in triboelectric generator with non-polar lubricants
Jongsuk Lee, Seh-Hoon Chung, Banseok Kim, and Jin-ho Son (Chung-Ang University), Zong-Hong Lin (National Tsing Hua University), Sangmin Lee and Sunghan Kim* (Chung-Ang University)
PS-27  P00089
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Mesh Convergence Effect on Analysis of Wear Phenomenon
Tae-Hyeong Kim and Dae-Eun Kim* (Yonsei University)
PS-28  P00101
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Transfer Process of 2D Materials via Adhesion Control of Polymeric Stamp
Chan Kim (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM)), Min-Ah Yoon and Hak-Joo Lee (Center for Advanced Meta-Materials (CAMM)), Jae-Hyun Kim and Kwang-Seop Kim* (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM))
PS-29  P00123
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Effects of Surface Roughness and Surface Free Energy on the Performance of Gecko-Inspired Dry Adhesives
Jaekang Kim* (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Michael Varenberg (John Crane)
PS-30  P00020
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
A Study on the deposit removal of diamond wheel surface using resin eraser
Kyungeun Jeong and Kyungjun Lee* (Gachon University)
PS-31  P00023
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Analysis of wear behavior according to surface morphology in sand particles (Al2O3)
Yong Seok Choi and Kyungjun Lee* (Gachon University)
PS-32  P00026
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Tribological Characteristics of 3D Printed Microtextured Polymer
Sang-Hoon Lee and Hyun-Joon Kim* (Kyungpook National University)
PS-33  P00030
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Evaluation of Friction Behavior and Weldability According to the Number of Foil Layers on Ultrasonic Welding
Sanghoon Kang and Hyeonggeun Jo (Yonsei University), Cheolhee Kim (Portland State University), Yong Hoon Jang* and Hyeonhee Kim (Yonsei University)
PS-34  P00033
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Numerical Wear Analysis of Tools for Friction Stir Welding
Hyeonggeun Jo, Ilkwang Jang, and Yong Hoon Jang* (Yonsei University)
PS-35  P00090
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
A study on the material removal characteristics of SiC CMP using ultraviolet light irradiation
Hyunseop Lee* (Dong-A University)
PS-36  P00136
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Analysis of Edge Chipping in LiTaO3 Wafer Grinding Using Scratching Test and FEA Simulation
Haeseong Hwang (Dong-A Univ.), Hyunseop Lee* (Dong-A University)
PS-37  P00074
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Evaluation of Tire Wear Rate on Combine Roads with High Weigh Van
Doyoung Kim, JaeWon Han, JuHwan Park, and KapSeung Choi* (TongMyong University)
PS-38  P00104
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Pad-Pivot Dry Friction Effects on Rotordynamic Performance of Tilting Pad Journal Bearing
Dongchan Seo and Junho Suh* (Pusan National University)
PS-39  P00105
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Calculation of Rotordynamic Coefficients of Liquid Annular Seals by Transient CFD Approach
Boram Kim (Pusan University), Junho Suh* (Pusan National University)
PS-40  P00111
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Labyrinth Seal Design considering Leakage and Rotordynamic Stability
Junho Suh* and Jeongin Lee (Pusan National University)
PS-41  P00114
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Multi-Purpose Optimization of Angular Contact Ball Bearing
MinHyeok Lee and Junho Suh* (Pusan National University)
PS-42  P00152
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Fault diagnosis technology for rolling bearings
Choong Hyun Kim*, Ji Su Park, Jaewoo Ha, Seunghun Lee, and Bohyun Lee (Korea Institute of Science and Technology)
PS-43  P00160
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Rotor-Bearing System Design of a High Speed Electric Motor Supported on Ball Bearings and Squeeze Film Dampers 
Keun Ryu* and Ye-Won Kwon (Hanyang University)
PS-44  P00161
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Additively Manufactured Hydrostatic Tilting Pad Journal Bearings: Measurements of Static Load Characteristics with Liquid Nitrogen 
Keun Ryu* and Cheayeon Baek (Hanyang University)
PS-45  P00034
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Effects of cryogenic treatment on the wear characteristics of Ti-6Al-4V
Min-Ki Ji, Hyun-Hak Kang, Jeong-Rim Lee, and Tea-Sung Jun* (Incheon National University)
PS-46  P00047
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Increase in Corrosion Resistance through Laser Surface Treatment of Austenitic Stainless Steel
David Choi* and Kyungjun Lee (Gachon University)
PS-47  P00053
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Mechanical characterization of rough metallic surfaces using machine learning based dual indentation method
Karuppasamy Pandian Marimuthu and Hyungyil Lee* (Sogang University)
PS-48  P00064
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
In-Situ Nanoscale Tribochemical Measurement by Using Electrochemical Atomic Force Microscopy (EC-AFM)
HongYeon Yoon and Jeong Young Park* (KAIST)
PS-49  P00082
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Effect of heat treatment on changes in microstructure of SUJ2 bearing steel
SeungHwan Oh, Donghee Lee, Ryun Na Kim, and Woo-Byoung Kim* (Dankook University)
PS-50  P00135
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Angle Effect of Grooved Crosshatch Pattern under Sliding Friction
Young hun Chae* and minseon kong (Kyungpook National University), Hyunhee Lee (Defense Agency for Technology and Quality), hyunho chae (University of Utah)
PS-51  P00016
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Selectively Tailoring Mechanical Properties of Bionanofilm: Graphene Oxide/Silk Fibrion/Cellulose Nanocrystal
Hyeonho Cho and Sunghan Kim* (Chung-Ang University), Admad Shakil and Andreas Polycarpou (Texas A&M University)
PS-52  P00024
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Analysis and solution of wear life of excavator teeth by abrasion
Unseong Kim (Gachon university), Kyungjun Lee* (gachon university)
PS-53  P00021
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Analysis of deformation behavior of a porous structure to replace the sandwich foam 
Seongmin Kang (Gachon University), Sangyul Ha (SK Hynix), Kyungjun Lee* (Gachon University)
PS-54  P00022
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Development of a Method for Evaluating Weare and Performance Degradation caused by Load on a Surface Composed of Micro-pillars
Kyeongryeol Park, Kyungjun Lee*, and Seongmin Kang (Gachon University), Dohyun Lee (Semyung University)
PS-55  P00060
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Formation of Triboelectric Charges for Controlled Manufacturing of 2D Semiconductors 
Byunghoon Ryu (Inha University), Da Li, Chisang Park, Hossein Rokni, Wei Lu, and Xiaogan Liang* (University)
PS-56  P00075
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Numerical analysis study on the possibility of carbon dioxide separation using a vortex tube
Wonjun Seo, Hyerim Ryu, Dongho Yu, and Seokyeon Im* (Chungnam National University)
PS-57  P00120
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
A Review on Triboelectric Nanogenerator in Mechanical Energy Harvesting Applications
Seo Jin Hong and Dae-Hyun Cho* (Gyeongsang National University)
PS-58  P00167
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Friction and Wear Characteristics of Nano Cellulose Modified by Microcellular Foaming Process
Jin Hong, Jae-Ho Han, Gukhyeon Yun, Kwan Hoon Kim, Sung Woon Cha*, and Yong Hoon Jang (Yonsei Univerisity)
PS-59  P00168
(15:00 ~ 16:30)
Study of self-cleaning mechanisms based on surface propertiesand wettability of deposited materials
Yong Jin Song, Hyeonjin Lee, Dohyun Lee, and Kyungjun Lee* (Gachon University)