K-TRIB2023 Poster Award Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the K-TRIB2023 Best Poster Award. It was a very difficult task to select a few winners among the many excellent posters. Thank you and congratulations to all the authors of the Best Poster Award. We will send the award certificate to the presenter by email.

Organizing and Publication Committee of K-TRIB2023
[Grand Poster Award]

PS-3[P00057] Improved Water Lubrication Characteristics by using Silica Nanoparticles Supported on Si-DLC
Masataka Uchiyama, Hiroyuki Kousaka, Natsuo Horiba (Gifu University, Japan)

[Best Poster Award]

PS-28[P00101] Transfer Process of 2D Materials via Adhesion Control of Polymeric Stamp
Chan Kim*,**** Min-Ah Yoon**, Hak-Joo Lee**, Jae-Hyun Kim*,***, Kwang-Seop Kim*,*** (*Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials (KIMM), Korea, **Center for Advanced Meta-Materials (CAMM), Korea, ***University of Science and Technology (UST), Korea, ****LG Display, Korea(present affiliation))

PS-44[P00161] Additively Manufactured Hydrostatic Tilting Pad Journal Bearings: Measurements of Static Load Characteristics with Liquid Nitrogen
Cheayeon Beak, Junwon Heo, Keun Ryu (Hanyang University, Korea)

PS-47[P00053] Mechanical Characterization of Rough Metallic Surfaces Using Machine Learning Based Dual Indentation Method
Karuppasamy Pandian Marimuthu, Hyungyil Lee (Sogang University, Korea)

[Excellence Poster Award]

PS-2[P00054] Study on the Nanoscale Deformation of Multilayer Coating
Kuk-Jin Seo, Dae-Eun Kim (Yonsei University, Korea)

PS-4[P00077] Assessment of Friction and Wear Properties of Porous Polyimide Film
Seongsik Jeong*, Hyeseon Jo*, Hae-Jin Kim*,** (*Gyeongsang National University, Korea, **Yonsei University, Korea)

PS-16[P00145] Study of Potential of Mean Force for Carbon-additive Bonding with Different Number of Chemical Bonds on Diamond-like Carbon Surfaces
Koshiro Torimoto*, Hirotoshi Akiyama*,**, Ryuichi Okamoto*, Motoyuki Murashima***, Hitoshi Washizu* (*University of Hyogo, Japan, **NIPPON GREASE Co.,Ltd., Japan, ***Tohoku University, Japan)

PS-18[P00147] Thermohydrodynamic Lubrication Analysis of a Parallel Thrust Bearing with Rectangular Dimples
Jeong-Guk Kang, Tae-Jo Park (Gyeongsang National University, Korea)

PS-20[P00065] Study on the Friction and Wear Behavior of Additively Manufactured TiC-Fe based cermet under varying Load and Temperature
Himanshu Singh Maurya*, Kristjan Juhani*, Fjodor Sergejev*, Konda Gokuldoss Prashanth*,**,***(*Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, **Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria, ***Vellore Institute of Technology, India)

PS-31[P00023] Analysis of Wear behavior According to Surface Morphology in Sand Particles (Al2O3)
Yong Seok Choi, Kyung Eun Jeong, Kyungjun Lee (Gachon University, Korea)

PS-36[P00136] Analysis of Edge Chipping in LiTaO3 Wafer Grinding Using Scratching Test and FEA Simulation
Haeseong Hwang, Hyunseop Lee (Dong-A University, Korea)

PS-39[P00105] Calculation of Rotordynamic Coefficients of Liquid Annular Seals by Transient CFD Approach
Boram Kim, Junho Suh (Pusan National University, Korea)

PS-51[P00016] Selectively Tailoring Mechanical Properties of Bionanofilm: Graphene Oxide/Silk Fibrion/Cellulose Nanocrystal
Hyeonho Cho*, Admad Shakil**, Andreas A. Polycarpou**, Sunghan Kim*
(*Chung-Ang University, Korea, **Texas A&M University, US)

PS-55[P00060] Formation of Triboelectric Charges for Controlled Manufacturing of 2D Semiconductors
Byunghoon Ryu*,**, Da Li**, Chisang Park**, Hossein Rokni**, Wei Lu**, Xiaogan Liang** (*Inha University, Korea, **University of Michigan, US)

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